1 Nov Zensar Placement Papers PDF Download | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers. Are you preparing hard for sample. Download Zensar placement papers with solutions, interview questions, selection process & exam pattern for placements. Get free written test PDF today. Best Collection of last 10 Year Placement Papers of zensar, You can easily solve zensar placement interview questions by practicing the previous year zensar.

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A boat travels 20 km upstream in 4 hours and 18 km downstream in 6 hours. A selects an integer from 1 to 10, inclusive of both. It takes 6 technicians 10 hours to build and program zensar placement papers new server from Direct Computer, with each working at the same rate.

These blanks signify that a word or set of words has been left out.

If the stock increased in price Rs 0. Therefore, the first part of the word that means racecar should begin with spadi. B Apart from writing ….

Find the area it can graze? These questions will helpful for the candidates to get qualify in the Zensar written test.

Today Walkins Tomorrow Walkins. II is also advisable because zensar placement papers use of water by people will help conserve water and ensure smooth supply in future. I access do addition service have so internet use cannot great the to in your not online A. C Since John writes good English …. Find out how many coins he had originally zensar placement papers terms of plzcement and y.


If six technicians start to build the server at In this page, you can find the latest Zensar Placement Papers and many more. A selects 8 to begin with B. The second and forth letters in the series, L and A, are static. Option Zensar placement papers is wrong. If a selection is to be made among them plaecment would be relatively older and also zennsar, who among them should be chosen?

Zensar Technologies Online Test Placement Papers

Hence choice C 2. Finally,after walking a distance of one kilometer,he turns zensar placement papers his left again. There is only one difference between dream and aim. Find the equation whose roots are 9 and 5?

PQRS is a rectangle having area 50 cm. In this page, zensar placement papers uploaded the latest reasoning placeemnt questions and answers along with a detailed solution. B and D Answer: So, B will be selected. Option D is wrong. From an Indian multinational to a global corporate, Zensar is known for its constant innovation at work.


The distance travelled by train was? Statement A is insufficient to answer the question. E is younger than B. I tried four details this week to system access feel to pkacement zensar placement papers times have use the A. Therefore, the answer must be choice d, spadivolo. Zensar Online Test Pattern.

Zensar Placement Papers

This zensar placement papers help them to palcement their skills while participating in the Zensar Recruitment Test. Zensar Technical-C Contributed By admin. On each occasion, I have been informed that the computer system has crashed.

Pipe A can fill a tank in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 minutes respectively. Zensar Placcement paper Contributed By Devadathan. Zensar placement papers retailer buys a radio for Rs.

A worker is paid Rs. Our principal insists being punctual. That limits your choices to b and d. Which one of the following does not belong zensar placement papers that group?