1 Nov Group Standard VW Issue Class. No.: Descriptors: crimp connection, electrical connection, crimp, contact, connector. 10 May VW Group Standard Class. No.: Descriptors: crimp connection, electrical connection, crimp, contact, connector, solderless. 1 Sep The most recent automotive specification is the VW which is the only process-oriented specification indicating how often testing should.

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Another consideration in these cases is language barriers.

Quality standards are getting more rigid each year. If the measurement is not taken at the highest point of the crimp, the measurement may vw 60330 incorrect.

USCAR specifies a rate between 50 — mm per minute, but mm per minute is preferred. More issues are seen in smaller wire sizes, so testing frequency is higher. It was vw 60330 by the Volkswagen Company primarily for their suppliers.

A set-up is when the wire, terminal, terminal reel, or applicator tooling is changed. The VW specification gives guidelines vw 60330 each value indicating acceptable limits.


Each standard has their subtle differences. However, this method is not perfect either. It is used as a tooling reference, not as a quality measurement parameter. The crimp height 1 is the standard measurement. VW vw 60330 that a vvw tool must 603330 used to determine the measurable crimp width. Micrograph systems, or crimp cross sectioning equipment, were typically only seen where applicator vw 60330 was manufactured or in the labs of the large wire harness suppliers. Therefore, getting a comprehensive analysis on the entire crimp is faster, easier and less expensive.


Most pull test device tolerances are stated with respect to their vw 60330 pulling force.

Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends

The vw 60330 article vw 60330 compare and contrast the current quality standards that are most commonly used today.

Therefore, wire harness manufacturers that must comply to USCAR will either need pull test devices with extreme accuracy or they will need many devices for a complete range of wires. So who is correct? Larger companies with multiple plants, possibly in multiple countries are most susceptible to these kinds vw 60330 challenges.

Most have accuracy of 0. The A states that if crimp height measurements are taken, then pull test is not required. It goes without saying that manufacturing companies want top notch quality at vs lowest possible price. Vw 60330 VW specification provides higher pull test values if the insulation crimp is left intact. Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends.

The reason vw 60330 to eliminate the possibility for the flash to affect the measurement Fig. Burr height 8 and burr width 9 are indications of crimp anvil wear.

Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends | Schleuniger North America

Stated another way, in order vw 60330 achieve a tolerance of 0. They were large table units involving epoxies and acidic etching solutions. The VW and A specifications states 6030 for crimp height measurements, a micrometer with a point and a blade Fig.

For more information on the respective specifications, vw 60330 go to:. Because of issues such as this and the persistence of vw 60330 quality problems, more and more companies, like VW in Europe and China, are integrating crimp cross section analysis into their production processes. Aside from simple mistakes made during the harness manufacturing process, terminals can go out of tolerance in the manufacturing process and frequently companies need to use terminals that are vw 60330 large for the wire.


New systems on the market are much vw 60330 suited for use in the production process because the crimp analysis process is vw 60330 faster since there are fewer steps. The crimp width tolerance is usually not listed in terminal specifications because it usually refers to the tangent width, which is the non-measurable crimp width.

The fw gaps inside the crimp clearly indicate that the terminal is too big for the wire. The sides of the crimp tooling are angled vw 60330. If the terminal is too large, the face ends may touch or be too close to the bottom of the crimp. Much of the above discussion might not apply directly to your company right now. The vw 60330 specifications do not state requirements on tooling. What are companies measuring and is it really correct?

As you will see in the chart below, tolerances are the same but the corresponding wire vw 60330 differ. To comply vw 60330 USCAR you could not use the standard lb N pull test devices unless it had an accuracy of better than 0.

The preceding discussion covered a very wv percentage of the respective specifications, but hopefully this has given you a better understanding of the vw 60330 specifications and how they may be applied in your business.