ok, you say ‘I knew baerwald protractors, Loefgren protractors, what is that Stevenson BUT (there is a ‘but’): on your turntable, the mounting distance (ie the. I have the M97xE cartridge and it came with a “Cartridge Alignment Protractor.” It is white cardboard, ” x “, with a hole for the spindle at one end. The part. Instructions:»Mount the cartridge onto the headshell by the bolts provided, leaving it loose for later adjustment.»Connect the 4 wires as per the colours marked.

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Turntable protractor the protractor is a mirrored surface, it will be possible to visually evaluate the parallel alignment between the cantilever and the grid.

How To Align Your Turntable Cartridge – Audio-Technica Australia – Always Listening

Baerwald alignments result in longer overhang values. Vital piece of equipment for proper setup of your turntabl Cartridge Alignment Refine Turntable protractor. Balance the tone arm and temporarily apply a tracking force of 1 gram. Turntable protractor graph and the rest of the spreadsheet are controlled by inputs to cells A3, B3, and C3 only.

With a pivoted tonearm, it is possible to achieve perfect tangency at only two points as the tonearm travels in an arc across the record.

The calculator has three yellow input cells and six green output cells. Made of turntable protractor 2mm ABS plastic with mirrored finish.

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Repeat this procedure turntabls both points until the cartridge body is parallel at both points, or as close to parallel as possible. Snug up the mounting screws firmly then double check your alignment using the protractor. It takes time and patience to get it just right, but the results are worth turntable protractor Browse Related Browse Related. Click here to view the two point protractor in action.

There are various tools available for achieving this turntable protractor.

At the very least, the specified stylus turntable protractor the distance the stylus tip extends beyond the centre spindle when the headshell is positioned directly above the spindle should be set. I recommend that this very important mounting distance, pivot-to-spindle, is checked and compared to the tonearm manufactures specification. Slip the hole turntable protractor the Shure alignment protractor over the turntable spindle, and place the protractor on the record over the area where the stylus tracks.

They are suitable for all tonearms. Note that you may need to twist the cartridge slightly in turntable protractor headshell when looking down on it from above to achieve the best alignment to the grid.

Cartridge Alignment: Consumer Electronics | eBay

turntable protractor In this case, turntable protractor are assuming that the cantilever is centred and straight as it relates to the sides of the cartridge. That is our overhang adjustment using a two point protractor. T angency To ensure the most accurate reproduction of the recording, low noise and least amount of wear on the record and stylus, it is important that the stylus is aligned in such a way that its tip remains as tangent to the record groove as possible as it travels across the record.


It is based upon the Baerwald calculations for minimum tracking error when using a pivoted tonearm. This is always a compromise. The method turntable protractor different.

For one example of a gage that measures ‘pivot turntable protractor spindle’, link here. The first cause might be inadequate room in the slots. If the cantilever is not easily seen, align the sides of the cartridge body turntable protractor the lines on the grid instead.

I would like to know how to use it. Skip to main content Phono cartridge alignment gauge – how to use and turnatble to turntable protractor your own FAQ Updated January 19, Test turntable platter speed.

Cartridge Alignment

To adjust overhang, we prootractor adjust the mounting length between the stylus and tonearm pivot. As an additional precaution, I recommend you archive a copy of the spreadsheet and always use a different turntable protractor copy, just in case something goes turntable protractor and you want to return to the original. Typically this happens when using a Baerwald based protractor.