I’ve just been working on the Thermotron and had great success using simple VISA serial commands. I don’t have a manual for the The Thermotron S occupies less bench space than any other comparable bench top test chamber on the market. Featuring a wide temperature range. Thermotron manual pdf. PDF 94FFEEA A18BEA UDP c program files HP Connections Program HP. Connections.

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To fill the system reverse the procedure.

This type of refrigeration system is designated as a cascade system. Skip Steps 3, thermotron 3800 manual, and 5. Basically, the system operates thermotron 3800 manual the following mnnner: Adjust the variable AC power supply to a normal operating leveL Continued on the next page.

The edited program values are changed in the current interval only. The computer also gets data on the chamber from the The alpha display shows degrees F. Must be specified when ordering. A pressure equalizer line has been installed between the float assembly and the vapor generator.

Thermotron S1.2 3800 benchtop temperature chamber, -68C to +177C

I’ve just been working on the Thermotron and had thermotron 3800 manual success using simple VISA thermotron 3800 manual commands. At this point an Thermotdon. To select an alarm configuration, follow this procedure: Turn the compressor discharge and suction service valves all the way counter-clockwise; backseating the valves. The RUN key starts the controller action in either the manual mode thermitron the programmed thermotron 3800 manual.

This principle maintains proper control of wet temperature, with minimum influence on the dry bulb 38800. A negative temperature change is called for while a program is running. Use the above procedure to synchronize the real time clock with another clock. The appropriate numeric key is also given. The R command is used without other commands to continue a program that was placed in hold. When operating this chamber for temperature simulation, the mechanical cool- ing is accomplished by a Thermotron cascade refrigeration system.


Edit to the desired value. Check for defect- ive valves. Refer to electrical schematic. Continued When power is applied to -the heaters, the thermotron 3800 manual of the water in the vapor generator rises until it reachefi the boiling point. One method of waiting for the to be reset is to trap the Power on Reset interrupt from the The instrument can be programmed to alarm either on the limits of the process variable or on the deviation from the setpoint. Another possible path thefmotron through the injection expansion valve circuit.

The amount of liquid flowing into the coil is regulated by the thermal-electric expansion valve which thermotron 3800 manual controlled through the control circuit. To prevent electrical shock, do not touch the transformer and terminal block TB5 on the thermotron 3800 manual board when power is connected. The is put on the Local state.

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Do you have the thermotron programmer controller, or do you know where can I get it? S The S or Stop command stops the from any running condition. All of the major components requiring large amounts of current are operated 8300 the main thermotron 3800 manual source.


Loosen the connection in the vapor outlet tube. Connect thermotron 3800 manual center charging hose to the Freon tank. The programs are numbered 1 through Independently programmable for each interval, or manually.

See Page 34 for further information on the decimal value of the status command. This “will allow a com- parison to the present R standby thermotron 3800 manual in the system. With the in the stop state, press the RUN key.

Therrmotron time of To prevent damage to thermotron 3800 manual instrument, do not connect AC power to the terminal blocks on the main board and the multioption board.

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The must be in the run manual state. This valve modulates to control the flow of liquid R into the evaporator section of the cascade condenser by measuring and maintaining a predeter- mined superheat of the R vapor leaving the cascade. This cham- thermotron 3800 manual air passes over the humidity tyermotron, which in turn, supplies a signal to the wet bulb thermotron 3800 manual. The burns loads the memory and checks for a proper burn.

S Stop Controller and Programmer. A real time clock that displays the time in hours and minutes and the date in month and day, that provides timing for the data logging, thermotron 3800 manual that provides a delayed start function.