16 Jul I’m a fan of the suggested reading lists that some of the value hedge funds have circulated among their junior staff, and I noticed the presence. Welcome to book number 9 in my top 10 investment books of all time, “The Art of Short Selling”. This book has been written by Kathryn Staley. Kathryn is an. The art of selling to the affluent: how to attract, service, and retain wealthy customers Short Selling: Strategies, Risks, and Rewards. Pages··

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Price to cash flow is a buy-out indicator. Pg 24 DiMenna shorts five types of situations: Staley Wiley, on several.

Opportunities for short sellers exist for a few reasons. Analysts liked the industry. The stock moved up; the stock moved down.

The Art of Short Selling – Kathryn F. Staley | Retiring at 40

Brad Favreau rated it really the art of short selling kathryn staley it Apr 14, Recommended by a few high profile fund managers as a must read and the best book about short selling. Up-to-the minute trading examples, guidelines, and pertinent regulations clearly illustrate the most current applications and techniques of short selling. Kathryn is an expert in the field of short selling and the book has a wide following by many successful hedge fund managers.

When they expand into a highly competitive business that costs money for product development like software game titles when the base business eats money as well, you sit back and watch with relish for the train wreck to happen sooner. Allowance for doubtful accounts, meanwhile, rose only 12 percent. If I had read the art of short selling kathryn staley book 1 year earlier, I certainly would have done things differently.


Wall Street straightline projected VCR growth with their collective spreadsheets.

Is the bonus tied to increased sales, return on equity or some other measure or combination of measures? He generally will not short stocks with strong relative strength and earnings momentum solely on the basis of overvaluation.


Are executives paid exorbitant salaries? If a stock moves against the position holder, the art of short selling kathryn staley effect on a portfolio and net worth can be devastating.

Investor ebullience can keep a stock price up for a long time, even in the face of no earnings. Notify me of new comments via email. A high debt load can sink any successful business if it gets into trouble. Anecdotal style – This is the biggest flaw. If the company engages in limited partnerships, does it pay for the officers to become general partners or limited partners, or does it grant them bonuses for participation in partnerships or kathtyn give them the tax kathryyn High-Multiple Growth Stocks, Part 2: The art of short selling kathryn staley book has been written by Kathryn Staley.

The Art of Short Selling

There is no mention of technical analysis, trends or volume. It also details the average life span of a short seller in a few places. High Risk, Low Return. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Does the financial structure ztaley sense for the business? But the author was clear with the concept and definitely a good read.

Too little work is dangerous for any investor; however, it appears to be even more treacherous for short the art of short selling kathryn staley. History and General Lessons – Here in the conclusion, there is a page chapter titled “The Shorf Pillars of Short Selling” which is the most well-organized and concise writing in the book. It places heavier emphasis on cash-flow dissection and on the reality underlying reported earnings.


If one or more of these characteristics is present, short sellers start the process of compiling comprehensive data.

If accumulated depreciation drops when gross Property, Plant, and Equipment rises, the company might have changed the average life assumption and run the reversal through the income statement or might have simply reduced the depreciation expense in subsequent quarters.

The ego will get any investor into trouble, but again seems to hit short sellers hard. It’s hard for me to recommend this book to except to someone looking for historical information the art of short selling kathryn staley the famous short-sales and corporate fiascos of the ‘s. Because short sellers, by their nature, cannot blame mistakes on analysis or friends or even assistants, analytical sloth is cause for the short equivalent of a hair shirt and mental flagellation.

Catalina rated it liked it Jan 09, Nikola Pikula rated it really liked it Jan 31, It might make you feel better in the very short run. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Is the bonus tied to extraordinary efforts, or is it just for doing the job? Jun 25, Steve Hall added it. Oct 16, Brian Zheng rated it it was amazing. This is an important discipline to understand. Are there extra the art of short selling kathryn staley such as large insurance policies, apartments, automobile use, plane use?

Kevin Duffy rated it liked it Feb 28,