Subfiles can be specified in the DDS for a display-device file to allow you to handle To use a subfile for a display device file in an RPG program, you must. Publication: Cover Image. · Book. Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom. MC Press, LLC © ISBN: 9 May A simple example of a subfile and accompanying program written in This was rather disappointing as RPGLE is over 21 years old, free format.

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The processing within the For-loop is very simple.

There are a few ways this can be done, but this particular method is clear and easy to follow. IT Compliance and Forensics the Robot Way Robot automation and monitoring software provides features to simplify the task of managing your IBM i and cross-platform processes. We must modify the screen to make the subfile page equal to the subfile size by replacing the highlighted section of 2 with the code subfiles in rpg iv 4 page To prevent “comment spam” all comments are moderated.

Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom

Learn about this website’s comments policy here. Software-defined data centers accelerate hardware provisioning and maintenance. We will load a number of pages when we perform the load routine and let the user scroll through that fixed set of pages.

Quick installation, simple setup, and subfiles in rpg iv data access mean you can start pulling reports from your IBM i within an hour. I hope this will be of use to people writing their first subfile program, and as another example of using free format definition RPG.


You’ll find out what ACS is and what security considerations you should be aware of during the initial deployment subfiles in rpg iv configuration of ACS.

We could write this program entirely in- line, but the subroutines allow us to focus on each section ov code a bit more easily. Submit your e-mail address below. Order your copy of this year’s guide here. subfiles in rpg iv

Example subfile program using modern RPG | – From AS to IBM i

Everything about the look and feel of MC Press Online is nice and fresh and bright now. And, more importantly, how can you maintain—and prove—compliance? No ratings or reviews yet.

Bob will also demonstrate Crypto Complete, an innovative encryption and key management solution for IBM i. You have exceeded the maximum character limit.

Subfiles in RPG IV

Watch this minute webinar to learn why you should keep your data on IBM i, including: So we might wind up with program logic something like this:. Learn how Agile Modernization: For this program to function, subfiles in rpg iv following things must happen order of function execution is not a concern at subfiles in rpg iv point: I use this to get the program’s name which I use for the screen name on the subfile control record format.


For our first program, we shall assume a load-all form of subfile, i. Our next article examines more of the subtleties of subfile processing, as well as some of the more exotic keywords and techniques.

From automatic backups to data encryption to subfiles in rpg iv management, Robot automates the routine yet often complex tasks of iSeries backup and recovery, saving you time and money and making the process safer and more reliable.

And no surprise with these two topics so closely tied to your most valuable asset: Mountains subfiles in rpg iv paper threaten to swamp your files. Watch this Webcast NOW! Think only large organizations can afford and implement business intelligence BI? Newer Post Older Post Home. Get indexed PDFs via email, monitor in near real-time or playback screens on the system.

So, you wind up chasing documents and data around—and keeping your customers and vendors waiting.

Read this free white paper, subfiles in rpg iv learn how you can overcome the most common challenges to mobile for IBM i shops, including: How long does dock door signing take your organization? Save on Textbooks, Education Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.