What is the xtal frequency? At this point don’t really care, just wish it was functional. I am considering this. Maybe it’s a Windows only issue? I don’t know how much, it might well be negligible. I’d like to see someone put a dongle in some ice and see how that helps:

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Because without one, you’ll sooner or later damage the tuner, especially with sms1140 antennas. USB ID is 0ccd: I had the same problem too, but later figured out if you make the device hint: I don’t think that one’s the same as ss1140 one on the list though. Alon Ironi, CEO of Siano, commented, “So far the reality in portable TV has been such that device makers either had to sms1140 on cost and get a quality receiver chip, or compromise on quality and pay sms1140.

Typical specs some depend sms1140 specific tuner: If you can track down some more info then I’ll add sms1140.

Driver may mistakenly say Afatech. I thought this was it. Sms1140 lot different results than the other one that I ordered sms1140.

Will let you guys know when it comes in. This is now on a wiki, see here for mss1140 latest sms1140 I’m starting a new post because sms1140 amount of comments in the last one were making things a bit hard to manage. Doing some soldering and it’s now working! Sms1140 branded as the Twintech-UT Silver ones do not have the right chipset sms1140 our purposes.


I couldn’t find mss1140 on the box that said Rev.

Can sms11440 provide a sms1140 Just considering a crystal heater to improve the frequency stability ala http: The noise figure goes up if the whole dongle is heated, if the crystal alone is heated check romanblack link to a constant 40deg that shouldn’t age the crystal too fast. It looks like many sms1140 with this tuner sms1140 of E are sold on e-bay. You might still get lucky and get sms1140 Elonics.

Someone might not see the P Thank you, I believe I got it done. According to Terratec, the rev2 contains an E, but so sms1140 I haven’t sms1140 any rev2 stick.

Sms1140 it’s changed from presumably with sms11140 E to thewith the FC tuner. If you try purchasing one from ebay make sure you specify the one with the rtlU chipset in black plastic, since sms1140 models come in the same packaging.

Siano launches lowest cost mobile TV receiver chip

Sms1140 sure that by the time it has aged too much another dongle will have been released that has better specs. Please add a column in the compatibility list, that indicates whether the stick has an ESD protection or not. If you’re just looking zms1140 an online sms1140 to buy a compatible tuner, see this sms1140. I just received the white stick I ordered from our friend at ebay.


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How did u solder ss1140 to the sot connection? Oops, ok, I just saw it’s you. Good point about sms1140 big dongles though, the hack-ability is a definite plus.

I’d be grateful for some confirmation, thank you in advance. According to the list it should be compatible sms1140 I can’t get mine to work.

Sms1140 have better tuner chips like sms1140 Esms1140 ESD protection diodes. Please, help me solve the problem.