In this course, you will learn the different standard and advanced availability check capabilities of the SAP APO Global- Available to Promise component. SCM SAP Global Available-to-Promise. In this course, students learn in detail the different standard & advanced availability check capabilities of the. In this course, students learn in detail the different standard & advanced availability check capabilities of the integrated SAP APO Global-Available to Promise.

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The individual product allocation procedure is transferred together with the material master.

The substitution should be performed in the following manner: Production orders are always confirmed in the OLTP system execution function. Use the display variant to include the Delivery priority field.

An ATP check using the receipts from the past option determines if receipts with receipt dates in the past should be taken into account in the confirmation of a requirement. There are two different shortage checks: Scm global available scm promise global atp pdf from filefactory.

All 80 pieces are confirmed for the requested date In this case, the ATP check is carried out at these levels: Make-to-stock production If no strategy group had been maintained in the material master, which parameter would the system use to try and sxm670 the strategy group? Select the scm60 tab page, Parameters Process.

If you want to generate all internal objects, you must first reset the time stamp for these internal objects separate menu path.

SCM670 GlobalAvailable to Promise(GlobalATP)

The quantities confirmed from the check against product allocations should then undergo a product availability check. Alphanumeric fields such as ATP category are associated with a special sort. Choose Details magnifying glass icon. Afterwards, you will process the requirements in the background.


Enter any reason code in the Reason column field. Once a matching condition record has been found, the system identifies a rule to be used in the next checking step. Relevant for the network and fan-shaped structure sc,670 Evaluation of the access strategies Qualification of products and locations Creation of combination dcm670 Distribution of Quantities 4 Option 3: Choose the Maintain Product Substitutions tab page on the left of the screen.

No check Rules-based ATP check: Using a characteristics combination the values of characteristic from the current sales orderthe system chooses the correct product allocation for allocation checking.

If you do not set the Neutral results indicator, the result of the availability check of the previous step is the starting point for the check in the next check step.

SCM GlobalAvailable to Promise(GlobalATP) – PDF Free Download

Assign the product and sold-to scm760 fields either by double-clicking the field name in the right-hand column or by sxm670 the cursor on the field and choosing Select field. Com host Scm global available scm promise global atp pdf filefactory. The table on the right-hand side of the screen is now ready for input. Enter your product, T-F12and your location, Enter the characteristic values for: These alternatives are stored in master data rules and determined specifically for a transaction condition technique.

Global Available-to-Promise

Change the check instructions. The checking horizon CH must not be considered. It controls cumulative ATP check processing and, in conjunction with the business event, also dictates the scope of the ATP check. The second sales order results in two schedule lines: For example, identical orders placed simultaneously by the same customer could require different checking rules if one of the orders is a rush order.

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Choose Change on the top left of the screen. This enables you to permit delivery of scm607 substitution even after a period of days. The qualified product or location is used to restrict the substitution list.

Activated Has the transfer of requirements been activated for requirements class ? In general, dates in the past are redetermined. The following transactions are relevant for the data transfer: This allows you to specify a time horizon that prevents stock or early receipts from being consumed by orders that lie far in the future. Now that you have finished entering the purchase requisition and sales order data, there are pieces in stock.

SCM – Global Available-to-Promise | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

To check, choose Product Availability Overview in the first results row. Enter scm67 product allocation procedure, Pin the Loc-Dep. The results list is the location product list generated by the system after the Combination of the location and product lists step. Continue processing by confirming any messages, if required.

Go back to the Worklist control screen. Double-click the active version in the navigation area. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the business transaction A in the Business Transaction field. This field determines how the system should deal with the requirement quantity that cannot be confirmed in the second step of the multilevel ATP check: Check Method Selection At the conclusion of this exercise, you will be able to: Sales order Item The respective substitution list is then restricted to this element for the combination.