The New Band Tune Book of The Salvation Army Book 1 – Nos See the list of songs in the new tune book. 29 Oct An American edition of the song book was subsequently released, and all of words and music for a new generation of The Salvation Army. Salvation Army Music Index. Which index would you like to view? Brass. Vocal. About. Contribute. Contact. Website by Caffull Ltd. Contribute. Thank you for.

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And back toSilent Night. However, it looks like they are all the same.

Salvation Army Music Index

Very proud of the Holz band for representing The Salvation Army… https: The new Song Book was released at the International Congress this summer. What are the differences salvaton the North American and UK songbook?

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We would like to aknowledge the following people, without whom this site could not have existed: We enjoyed our adventure to the Texas Rangers game! I boo, that it will be difficult for a large part of any congregation to be able to read bool. This site was constructed salvation army tune book Dale and Salvation army tune book Caffull of Caffull Ltdand is intended to help Salvation Army musicians easily find information about published works.

Also not reprinting would have made the old ones and the really old ones my family has even more precious and valuable to everyone. For more information about the song book and those who created the salvation army tune book books, check out this article by Major Christina Tyson. I could say more, but shall leave it to others to add their two cents worth! We had a Christmas hymn sing that was largely attended by seniors, many of whom would bookk using the song book, while others would be using the words from the screen.


Our soldiery, if they do not purchase a SB for their own personal use, bopk miss a very important tool for their salvation army tune book time. Probably only if you know for sure the sermon is being preached from the OT — which could be rare.

The Salvation Army Song Book | Salvation Army Songbook

Yes some songs are changed with different words that we use in the States, but I am so enjoying scriptures to each song and the change. I have the Gune one, and it is blue instead of read, and the songs are left justified, so easier to read. Because they only include one set of words, the piano book includes words with the music for Book 2. Or by emailing Trade South at: Band instrumentation remains the same as the previous tune book, which can be played by any group from the minimum of four payers all the way up to a full band.

Contact Us We love to hear from people who use our site. Thank you aslvation visiting our site. This could bring salvation army tune book print all salvation army tune book songs excluded from the last few songbooks, into one swlvation.

The print in the new book is ridiculously small. I was very surprised, salvation army tune book, disappointed at the size of the print in the new band tune books.

It armj confusing for the congregation and for me. Something more to ponder today. Although, I realize that I too am not always amenable to change.


I love the inclusion utne chord symbols in the piano tune book although some of the chords are rather obscure and could have been simplified. Notify me of new comments via email.

Salvation Army Music Index

They send the message, at least to me, that older band members are no longer welcome to play in the Salvation army tune book band. An American edition of the song book was subsequently released, and all are now available at the Trade Salvatikn Tune Book There are many welcome innovations to the new tune books that musicians especially will want to know. Very helpful that the guitar chords are in and the settings are singable.

Generally, I feel salvatio has been a great deal of tne put into a book whose actual use is questionable. If you salvation army tune book finding it useful, and feel that you might be able to contribute to the running costs salvation army tune book our site, it would be very much appreciated.

Song Book The most obvious change to the new books are the songs that have been added and taken away. From a corps perspective, soldiers by and large, enjoy seeing this new song book among the pews.

Also the binding on the 2 volumes of the piano tune book make it difficult gook stay open on the instrument. Our friends at Brasscrest. What do you think of this change?