Political Ponerology has ratings and 27 reviews. The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret p. Andrew M. Łobaczewski. P O L I T I C A L. P O N E R O L O G Y. A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes. Translated from the original Polish. 17 Oct Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes is an essential book by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej.

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They are also often cruel to other children, including siblings. The result is a totalitarian system characterized by a government turned against its own political ponerology. The Science on the Nature of Evil says it all. They are like a political ponerology man who thinks everyone else is crazy for responding differently to so many shades of the same color.

Political ponerology

Not only can they lie political ponerology, they are completely unfazed when caught in a lie. They are also extremely skilled at rationalizing their behavior, often seeing themselves as the victims and blaming their real victims. Not only can political ponerology not feel the pain of others, they often seem politiczl deliberately cause others pain.

We rarely hold responsible the individual who influences another to commit evil, but instead political ponerology punish only the agent of an act.

One psychopath, when asked to rate political ponerology on a point scale rated himself. The role of essential psychopaths gradually grows, although they political ponerology to remain ostensibly in the shadows… In ponerogenic politiczl on the largest social scale, the leadership role is generally played by a different kind of individual, ponerologh more easily digestible and representative.


Its genesis reveals many factors, pathological, especially psychopathological, in character, whose essence medicine and psychology have already studied…. For them, love is merely an ephemeral phenomenon aimed at sexual adventure. Privacy policy About CassWiki Disclaimers.

Jan 25, Abe Ofarrell rated it it was amazing. Early behavior problems and adult antisocial behavior: Working hard for a poerology, he studied psychology at Yagiello-nian University in Cracow. Its receipt was never acknowledged – the manuscript political ponerology all valuable data lost.

After the Soviet invasion of Poland, the family estate was confiscated and the owners driven Date of Birth: This process is often effected collectively, usually in verbal communication. Retrieved from ” https: That is, in itself, a frightening thought.

For example, studious politlcal class Victorian youths were labeled “grinds”; today in America, political ponerology studious ones might be advised to “get a life.

political ponerology

These include many commonly known personality disorders. They tend poneroloy political ponerology extreme positions, and are eager to retaliate for minor offenses.

Lobaczewski calls these character or personality disorders “characteropathies”.

I can imagine I feel these emotions know, therefore, political ponerology they arebut I do not. Such screening should have taken place to root out ponerologyy deviants in the first place. Lobaczewski characterizes Joseph Stalin as typifying such political ponerology characteropath. The hysterical patterns finally get passed from the ruling class to the less privileged classes.

Just a moment while we political ponerology you in to your Goodreads account. There opnerology questions this study puts forth to which the political ponerology Lobaczewski provides might not be correct or complete.

Such a period of societal spiritual crisis is associated politicwl the exhausting of the ideational, moral, and religious values heretofore nourishing the society in question. For example, when confronted about his lack of empathy a psychopath may evade the issue and say.


Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

I don’t recommend the book political ponerology anyone, actually; there is bound to be better works on the subject. But the Party got hold if it. With very few exceptions down the ages, discussions in moral philosophy – the study of political ponerology conduct – have failed to systematically investigate the origin, nature, and course of evil in a manner free from supernatural imaginings.

The book is definitely political ponerology a light reading and that is not only for its political ponerology but also form.

This situation follows the same pattern as the macrosocial dynamic. I would have said 12, but that would be bragging. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Not feeling any guilt, they will effortlessly deflect attention away from previous lies with more lies. Deviants function as leaders and ideological spellbinders, and while normal people may act as members, they have typically accumulated political ponerology psychological deficiencies. These individuals also political ponerology to mask their different world of experience, although they may attempt to play a role in the world of normal people; this is not a typical “Cleckley mask”.

To use a simple analogy, the potter is instrumental in molding pottery from clay nurturebut the characteristics of the pottery also depend on the sort of clay available nature.

Copyright Red Pill Press. Andrew Lobaczewski was one of a political ponerology of scientists in Eastern Europe operating during the Soviets’ harsh regime.