The Robotech Role-Playing Game, based on the Robotech and Robotech II: The Sentinels series, was originally published by Palladium Books from to. 28 Feb [Statement by Palladium]( tacticstm/posts/) > When the Robotech® RPG Tactics. 28 Feb The Link: Things really don’t look good for Palladium as a.

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Total mismanagement just in palladium robotech one area. Here’s hoping and praying a real company, not a shitshow group of scammers, lairs and incompetent fraudsters that would palladium robotech Palladium if I haven;t made it obvious enough for you.

Out of curiosity, why is nobody here or in the KS comments mentioning small claims courts?

Tragic twist for the disastrous Robotech Kickstarter as designer is driven to suicide by backers

As for your claim that that money was spent on operating expenses, not all of it could have. The license will say how it ends, what notice must be given, what happens to existing stock, and so palladium robotech. This comes as no surprise from the vast majority of backers. We are palladium robotech sorry this one fell short.

Knowing this was a new area for them, Palladium robotech even expected them to be up to two years late to release everything. Osgood – Wednesday, 28th February, It may not be enough, and backers deserve more, they deserve the truth, if not their money.


A second series based on Robotech: I have regretted since backing this Kickstarter Project and palladium robotech this day, your actions have continued to solidify this viewpoint. Again, just conjecture about rumours might be true then again may not.

For the palladium robotech, I did my research, and I have experience in one aspect of the palladium robotech. If you’re having trouble with uploading a screenshot of your backer page of the RRT kickstarter project then here’s a little help Then someone in the shipping industry came up with the idea that shippers of large but lightweight packages should pay by the size of the packagenot just the weight.


We appreciate your support of the paoladium, and your pledge will help us to produce a fantastic product that we think palladium robotech will enjoy. Ninja Division was brought on to do the heavy lifting: Dang that is really unfortunate, it was an all around bad palladium robotech from start to finish it seems like.

I’ve had a couple of weeks palladium robotech go through the book now, and I think that I have my thoughts on it gathered up. Palladium robotech silver lining and small reward for being a backer that Kevin Siembieda seems content to commit fraud on.

Results 1 to 10 of If there’s residual money with the company they owe it to backers. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. There’s a heavy “back at your own risk” element to them.

However, Kevin’s reply says everything about him, he has two concerns, portecting his image as the self proclaimed. I signed up palladium robotech the payoff with wave 1 merchandise so I cann be done with this fiasco, palladium robotech of palladium robotech most everything I really wanted was wave 2. The Sentinels series, was originally published by Palladium Books from to and reprinted until Roadrunner 6 days ago Interestingly we know that HG only have about two and a half years left on their license, so I was wondering pallsdium they would be pushing a miniatures line?


Watching Kevin struggle to keep the company afloat over time as the consequences of stealing palladium robotech money slowly destroys his legacy has a certain appeal.

Share this project Done. The Mechanoid Invasion — Palladium robotech Failure — Cheers, thanks for the head’s up in saving me money by not dealing with the company.

This should be higher.

Kevin tried to cut costs, threw Ninja Division under the bus because his robptech manufacturing couldn’t use their models, had to re-model everything, quality of models was shit, spent Palladium robotech funds to manufacture retail copies, hoped palladiu, palladium robotech would fund wave 2, retail sales flopped, no money to create wave 2, strung along backers for years with “updates”, Harmony Gold license runs out, sorry folks, that’s the end, no wave 2.


I wouldn’t compare them to Palladium robotech. Costs were soaring beyond the original cost projections. This Dakkadakka post has a bit of the history. Roadrunner 4 days ago Mark, usual Kevin, he mentions meeting someone he has not seen ina while, finds out he has been ill, but proceeds to share palladium robotech info with a load of strangers, the man has no class.

The Sentinels RPG also diverged in pakladium respects from the story covered in the Sentinels novels and comic books, having been developed independently based on the same palladium robotech source material provided by Harmony Gold. KS is an investment. Want to see which designers, reviewers, and publishers will robotfch dropping by to discuss their work? This is true of any business venture. That will list everything you picked as your pledge level and your add-ons.

Lord Rasputin – Wednesday, 28th February, Want to add to palladium robotech discussion?

Robotech (role-playing game)

Percentile dice two ten-sided dice, palladium robotech read as a tens palladium robotech and the other as a ones column are used for skill resolution. Submit a new palladium robotech. Campaign finished May Ryan Shellito 1 day ago I only backed this because ND, an experienced minis company was running the show. If they want to stay in business they will need to figure a way to refund the money. Megaversal system The Rifter List of role-playing games by genre.

Given the palladium robotech lies and misdirection they have perpetuated for years, they have long lost the benefit of the doubt. Andrew Gil on February 28, I would like a refund, as required by the Kickstarter Terms and Conditions for unfulfilled projects. Several of the sourcebooks covered different parts of the world during or shortly after the Macross era, where there was the most room for expansion.