Ibbo Mandaza remembers the first time he saw Grace Marufu: “She was very beautiful, pretty braids, sitting at the switchboard at State House.” But one day, a. On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. Political Scientist Dr. Ibbo Mandaza says President Robert Mugabe. TOP academic and publisher Ibbo Mandaza has called for a ban on “biased” African Union and Sadc observer missions from monitoring.

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Dr Grace, or Amai Mother Mugabe, ripped through the political establishment like a tornado. Chiwenga Tragic end to church outing. Who will ban the Sadc and AU observers. Since the elections which the EU observers dismissed as skewed in favour of then incumbent President Mugabe, the Zanu PF led regime has refused to open its doors to western observers citing inherent bias against it.

The problem is centered around Mugabe himself. Certainly those who lose in this battle will find refuge in an NTA, because if mandazx SADC loses in this battle we have mandazza run for dear life clearly. Mnangagwa says, ‘ promises better fortunes’ 4 mins ago 6 Views. Zim judiciary independence questioned. She behaves like a gangstress. Then, inhe noticed that Grace was pregnant. So as they say, proverbially, watch this space in the next few days we have a fight on.

These are laments, mandaxa know. This week Robert Mugabe described Mujuru, his vice-president of a decade, as too simplistic. Manfaza are modern day Tongogaras? And, we are trying to mobilize, not only Zimbabweans at home but also in the diaspora and in doing so trying to mobilize the region and the global community into an awareness of the Zimbabwean crisis and through it, look beyond Mugabe and begin planning for a better Zimbabwe tomorrow.

Cops hunt for ‘sadistic’ man 8 mins ago 18 Views. Law society raises bar for newly qualified advocates 50 mins ago 93 Views. She also accumulated property, including a lucrative dairy business and several farms, and founded an orphanage, but the notion of President Mugabe Mk II seemed absurd.

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For many observers, it appeared that the die was cast; Madaza Mnangagwa would not succeed Mugabe. Air Zimbabwe’s ‘Mbuya Nehanda’ grounded for maintenance 2 hrs ago 88 Views. I was there at the Summit and Mugabe pretended to agree to a postponement of the elections. Some have never forgiven her or Robert Mugabe for the extramarital affair majdaza when the popular Sally was alive Grace was also married at the time.

Mafirakureva March 16, at Zimpost revenue dips on working capital constraints 26 maneaza ago 27 Views.

Hot Seat: Mugabe thwarts “coup attempt” says political scientist Ibbo Mandaza

Their abilities to attract voters are not known. The event, one of a series often convened by the non-governmental organisation, was patronised by the Japanese ambassador to Zimbabwe, Toshiyuki Iwado, his staff and civil society activists, among some. That is the formula of mmandaza, basically. The Zimbabwean state is very strong but very brittle. He had no guts to say that at the Policy Dialogue but he went to say that to reporters here behind us. It can crack at any time. Mutodi rubbishes Chamisa-Ramaphosa talks.

It now seems as is Standard Newspaper is being edited by Jonathan Moyo. The firing of Khupe, national spokesperson Obert Gutu and organising secretary Abednigo Bhebhe also followed the surprising resignation of chairperson Lovemore Moyo over the leadership rumpus. Mthuli Ncube must resign, demand teachers 41 mins ago 82 Views.

So, again, what is the way forward. Zimpost revenue dips on working capital constraints. mansaza

Hot Seat: Mugabe thwarts “coup attempt” says political scientist Ibbo Mandaza

Bosso in election mode 2 hrs ago 44 Views. Basically you are saying even though the ZANU PF house is on fire this still does not mean that come next year when we have elections, new players will come in, especially from the opposition?

The realities are there.

This comes as a leading political analyst, Ibbo Mandaza, has predicted a victory for new opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in the elections — as long as the polls are free and fair. She also gained a sociology PhD from the University of Zimbabwe in just three months in what critics saw as a desperate push for gravitas.


Ibbo Mandaza takes aim at Mnangagwa

Robert Mugabe has sown the seeds of serious divisions in the party and country. Your email address will not be published.

I think this time, the Lacoste have gone too far and Mugabe has realized that the attack is actually against him. We have ZANU PF participating, we have the state participating and the conference will be opened by the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, to highlight the importance of Parliament, the Legislature, to highlight that reform will also have to include the necessity of instituting Separation of Powers in which the Legislature becomes an important factor along with the Judiciary in containing and controlling the excesses of the Executive.

Zimbabwe is currently hosting a group of Sadc observers who came into the country to assess the electoral environment ahead of national elections in the next few months. On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. Rugare Gumbo, a friend and ally of Robert Mugabe for half a century, was expelled from Zanu-PF this week and other moderate figures are being systematically purged.

But some of us have said before — the G40 is essentially Mugabe. We, who live in Zimbabwe, know that there can be a NO better Zimbabwe, there will possibly be a worse Zimbabwe, if the succession takes the route that mandazza merchants of stability are proposing.

Redcliff MP lays down vision. They should be disqualified from observing.