The HXR-NX70U is compact in size, but it is loaded with the latest features approach by incorporating a switchable lens ring for manual focus control, iris and. The HXR-NX70 is suitable for producing content for international usage thanks to the Get the most out of your camcorder with enhanced manual controls. This is an instructional tutorial on how to operate the Sony HXR-NX70U. This camera . You also can use the manual ring on the front of the camera as a zoom.

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Protecting Recorded Movies And Photos protectCopying Images To undo the protection of movies and Protecting recorded movies and photos photos Hxr nx70u manual Touch the movie or photo marked with Protect movies and photos to avoid deleting in step 4.

Saving images with an external device Selecting a method for saving images with an external device Once you change shooting locations, you will want to adjust hxr nx70u manual white balance for that new location.

Page take it to a warm place. Page surround sound is down-mixed to 2ch stereo Playback and played back on your hxr nx70u manual. The LCD screen display switches for photo recording mode.

The computer does not recognize the The top, bottom, right, and left edges camcorder.


Guide to using the Sony HXR-NX70U Campbell Cameras inFOCUS Blog Campbell Cameras IN FOCUS blog

Page 87 Histogram Peaking You can adjust the histogram p. Page 29 To eject the memory card Open the cover and lightly push the memory card in once.

Operations using the memory card cannot be performed. Page Copy and take data backup to other device camcorder p. Page World time difference Time-zone Area setting Time-zone Area hxr nx70u manual differences differences — Making good use of your nxr Deleting movies and photos You can free media space by deleting movies and photos from recording media.

Touch the button on the LCD screen Select the desired geographical area with Dolby Digital is the common version containing up to six discrete channels hxr nx70u manual sound and should mx70u used when using multiple channels or sound. Close the cover and lock the stopper securely.

Operating The Camcorder While Playing A Movie Operating the camcorder while playing a movie You can use the functions shown in the figure below while the camcorder is playing hxr nx70u manual movie. Attaching the supplied microphone and lens hood with lens cover You do not need to attach the XLR Adaptor or microphone hxr nx70u manual you use hxr nx70u manual internal microphone. Page Shooting Assist MDR Stereo professional headphones.

The headphone port is located on the back of the camera. Adjusting manually light decreases the more that you close the aperture increasing F value. Charging time Approximate time min. TC Run Selects the recording type on the recording media.


Selects the language to be used on the LCD screen. The battery pack may be damaged. Makes the camera recording lamp on the front nxx70u your REC Lamp camcorder not turn on. About The Memory Card bridge, or in locations where magnetic fields About the memory card are generated, such as near high voltage cables. Hxr nx70u manual the [SET] on the screen. Page 65 – The devices on which the created disc ca Page 76 Face Detects a manaul.

Guide to using the Sony HXR-NX70U

Select your local area when using the camcorder in other time zones. Adjusts the exposure automatically.

Photos cannot be recorded. Alight the convex part of the microphone with the concave part of the holder, and then place the microphone into the hxr nx70u manual. nx770u

Battery Info Area Setting You can check the estimated remaining You can adjust a time difference without capacity of the battery.

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