The HTML manual is a version of the user guide that you can view using your web browser. Related documents such as the network and software user guides . Quick setup guide, Step 1 step 2, Laser printer • Read online or download PDF • Brother HLCDN User Manual. This service manual contains basic information required for after-sales service of This service manual covers the HLCN/CDN/CDW machines.

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Shoulder screw LT cover left Shoulder screws Fig. If you cannot clear the problem, call the dealer you bought the printer from or Brother Customer Service. Page 1 This page includes various setting information of the machine. Got it, continue to print. Error code 35 Print Unable 35 Turn the power off and then back on again. Routine Maintenance down the toner cartridge handle 1 once the toner cartridge is in place. About Emulation Modes Using this mode will allow your printer to run at its best with those applications.

Remove the Back cover upper.

Disconnect the interface cable from the printer. Page 12 Repeat the steps from 9 to 11 three times, and then complete its installation. Printing Photos From A Digital Camera Printing photos from a digital camera Your Brother printer supports the PictBridge standard, allowing you to connect to and print photos directly from any PictBridge compatible digital camera.

Develop Roller Counter Reset Function Develop Mamual Counter Reset Function Since print density is likely to become darker as the toner gets older, the developing bias is lowered by degrees bias voltage is reduced according to the number of develop roller rotations so that an almost fixed density can be maintained from the beginning to hl-4040xn end.


Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab from left to right and right to left several times. Number of printed pages with the manuall unit.

User’s Guide

Side Cover R Assy 8. Page Routine Maintenance Hold the green parts of the belt unit with both hands and lift the belt unit up, then pull it out. Turn the drum unit over by holding the green handle. Ground spring plate Taptite, cup S M3x6 Frame unit Toner Led Pcb Assy 8.

New Toner Detection 3. Page Troubleshooting Hold the green handle of the drum unit. Printer Waste toner box Insertion sheet Collar 6 1 Remove the two Collars 6 from the Fittings shaft. Since the print data is much larger than in normal mode, processing time, data transfer time and printing time will be longer.

It could explode, resulting in injuries.

Calibration Control Panel Calibration The output density for each color may vary depending on hl-404cn environment the machine is in such as temperature and humidity. Ps Pcb Unit 8.


Specified paper size is not supported for Tray 2 LT. Instructional animations for problem solving. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Basic Printing Principle 3. Cautions mqnual procedures you must follow or avoid to prevent possible damage to the printer or other objects.


Hl-4040n 47 Driver and Software Advanced tab Change the tab settings by clicking one of the following icons: Replace the toner cartridge whose color is blinking. Exposure to direct sunlight or room light may damage the drum unit. Use Function code 01 in maintenance mode to delete this information with a single operation. Press the front cover release button and then open the front cover. Page Troubleshooting Pull the tabs at the left and right hand sides toward you and fold down the fuser cover 1.

Moving the printer or shipping it without properly mamual the installed supplies can result in SEVERE damage to the printer.


Push down the gray lock lever 1. Incorrect density sensor measurement value when implementing calibration from the control panel.

Clean all four corona wires one for each color inside the drum unit by sliding the green tab. Electrical Hazard icons alert you to a possible electrical shock.

Depending on Linux distributions, mnaual driver may not be available. Surface potential is lowered by such exposure and an Electrostatic latent image is formed.

Drive Frame Unit Assy 8. Parts name Diameter The pitch which appears in the image Use the latter group if the machine malfunctions due to mismatching.