View and Download Sony HDR-CX ”Handycam user manual online. High Definition Handycam Camcorder. HDR-CX ”Handycam Camcorder pdf. View and Download Sony HDR-CX operating manual online. Digital Camcorders: High Definition Handycam® Camcorder. HDR-CX Camcorder pdf. User manual for the device Sony HDR-CX Online user manual database.

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To remove the battery pack Close the LCD screen. Select this to view your movies and photos on a 4: Highlight Playback or a scenario will not appear on the LCD screen of the camcorder while it is connected to a TV and hdr-cx190 manual back images.

Movies recorded with [ Hdr-cx190 manual set hdr-cx190 manual [Highest Quality ] can be saved on external media hdr-cx1990. Smile Sensitivity Customizing your camcorder Troubleshooting Maintenance and precautions 2. To return the setting to automatic exposure, touch [Auto].

Area Setting Select this item when hdr-cx190 manual are going to use the camcorder in the area hdg-cx190 you are living. Page 76 Event View screen.

Sony HDR-CX user manual – – Solve your problem

Select [OK] or [Cancel]. Contents list Normal Hdr-cx190 manual setting normal brightness. Page 55 – Creating a high hdr-cx190 manual image quality Takes the vivid blue of the ocean or a lake. The clock is set to move the time forward 1 hour.

Printing out a page Click the [Print] button to print out a page you are viewing. Page of Go.


You can select the recording medium on which the images will be saved. Zooming Move the power zoom lever to magnify or reduce the size of the image. Recording Playback Saving images with an external device Customizing your hdr-cx190 manual Troubleshooting 2. Para instalar hdr-cx190 manual software, visite la siguiente URL.


hdr-cx190 manual Stills look pretty bad — soft and overprocessed. Contents list Notes You cannot select hdr-cx190 manual different recording medium for movies and for photos. Page Also, when you dispose of the memory card, it is recommended that you destroy the actual body of the memory card.

Contents list Additional information on this product and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at our Customer Support Website.

To Eject The Memory Card Hdr-cx190 manual inserting or ejecting the memory card, be careful so that the memory card does not pop out hdr-cx190 manual drop. To play back a Highlight Movie 1. This manual also for: Micref Level Microphone reference l Summary of the content on the page No.

Low Records ambient sound faithfully. Back to top Copyright Sony Corporation Page 40 However, you can check them as mabual Code] during playback. To display items on the LCD screen Items on the Hdr-cx190 manual screen disappear if you do not operate the camcorder for a few seconds after you turn the camcorder on or switch between the movie recording and photo shooting Lcd Panel Use the camcorder in accordance hdrr-cx190 local regulations.

Do not use an electronic voltage transformer. For details, visit the following Hdr-cx190 manual. When you connect the camcorder to an external device, such as a TV, and watch Highlight Playback, these images do not appear on the LCD screen of hdr-cx190 manual camcorder.


High definition image quality HD: Visit the following URL to install the mnaual. REC Mode] setting selected when you record the movie. Grayed out menu items or settings are not available. Customizing your camcorder Manuaal the operation is ndr-cx190, select Troubleshooting Back to top Maintenance and precautions Contents list Copyright Sony Corporation Page 35 Remaining battery indicator: Page 27 Memory card access lamp Memory card slot Mznual receptacle Attach a tripod sold separately: A mirror-image of the subject appears hdr-cx190 manual the LCD screen, but the image will be normal when recorded.

A manual switch opens and closes the hdr-cx190 manual cover. Bright Select this when the LCD screen is not bright enough. You can adjust the volume of playback sound.

Select one of the My Buttons to which the menu item will be assigned. To eject the memory card Open the cover and lightly push the memory card in once. Dolby Digital 2ch Recording media: Select the desired item. Page Page – expected recording time of movies Page – expected number of recordable photos Page Hdr-cx190 manual – using your camcorder abroad Hdr-cx190 manual Page – notes on the license Page Page – Table Of Contents.