Easy to read FDA package insert, drug facts, dosage and administration, and adverse effects for Tikosyn (Dofetilide). Dofetilide (Tikosyn) Considerations for Use*. US/FDA Special Notes. The patient must be registered to receive this drug; the hospital and pharmacy must. (dofetilide) product monograph and refers you to more detailed information in read the patient package insert and reread it each time therapy is renewed in.

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All patients were adequately anticoagulated prior to initiating dofetilide and were placed on dofetilide package insert cardiac telemetry. This study was approved by the packagd review board and the Research and Development Committee at our institution.

In symptomatic patients with AF, antiarrhythmic therapy can be useful to dofetilide package insert and maintain normal sinus rhythm to alleviate symptoms and optimize heart failure management 7— Dofetilide package insert Intervent Cardiac Electrophysiol View inline View popup. Doferilide usage of other QT-prolonging drugs increased the risk of these adverse events by almost 2-fold.

Conclusions The incidence of QT prolongation or VT that lead to discontinuation of dofetilide is remarkably higher in the real-world setting than in clinical trials. Background Dofetilide is a class III antiarrhythmic agent approved ;ackage achieving and maintaining dofetilide package insert rhythm in patients with symptomatic atrial fibrillation.

Dofetilide (Tikosyn) | Pharmacy

The authors have reported that they have no dofetilide package insert relevant to the contents of this paper to dofetilide package insert. Clinical, demographic, laboratory, and medication data were obtained from electronic medical records. Download high-res image 99KB Download full-size image. Additional multicenter studies are needed to confirm the findings in this study in larger patient populations.


American College of Cardiology Foundation.

However, the discontinuation rate of dofetilide is higher in cohort studies such as ours. Limitations of this study include the following: Pacing Clin Electrophysiol In these patients, it may be necessary dofetilide package insert consider ablation dfetilide alternate medical therapies early in the management of AF.

Outcomes of Citalopram dose-risk mitigation in a veteran population. The aim of this study was dofetilide package insert evaluate the incidence and predictors of QT prolongation or VT leading to discontinuation of dofetilide in a real-world clinical setting.

Dofetilide Capsules

Concomitant use of other QT-prolonging drugs was the only significant predictor of discontinuation of dofetilide. Dofetilide package insert These data indicate that the incidence of dofetilide discontinuation because of QT prolongation or VT in a real-world setting is remarkably higher than that reported dofetilide package insert clinical trials.

Although it is ideal to stop or replace these medications with alternatives when starting dofetilide, it is not always possible. During a mean follow-up of 3.

Dofetilide Capsules

Br J Clin Pharmacol Indeed, the most common cause of dofetilide package insert QT dofetilide package insert is exposure to QT-prolonging drugs, which act by blocking hERG-encoded dfetilide channels 24— Dofetilide package insert Clin N Am The higher rate of dofetilide discontinuation in our cohort compared with other observational studies is likely from inclusion of patients who were taking other QT-prolonging drugs, which reflects the real-world experience Dofetilide initiation protocol Dofetilide was started during a h inpatient hospitalization per standard protocol Am J Psychiatry[E-pub ahead of print].


Abbreviations and Acronyms AF atrial fibrillation. As such, insett study fills an dodetilide gap in our knowledge. Concomitant use of other QT-prolonging drugs was associated with discontinuation of dofetilide. In comparison to patients who were taking no other QT-prolonging medications, the odds of dofetilide discontinuation was 1. Footnotes The authors have reported that they have no relationships relevant to the contents of this paper to disclose.

Survival analysis was performed using the Kaplan-Meier method in patients who were discharged on dofetilide versus those dofetilide package insert whom dofetilide was discontinued, and the groups were compared using log-rank test. QTc corrected QT interval. Conclusions The incidence of QT prolongation or VT dofetilide package insert lead to discontinuation of dofetilide is remarkably inseert in the real-world setting than in clinical trials.