Download Citation on ResearchGate | Discourse analysis / Gillian Brown, George Yule | Incluye bibliografía e índice }. 27 Sep DISCOURSE ANALYSIS CAMBRIDGE T E X T B O O K S I N L I N G U I S T I C S GeneralEditors:B. COMRIE, C. J. FILLMORE, R. LASS. Full text of “Discourse Analysis By Gillian Brown & George Yule” Publication Data Brown, Gillian Discourse analysis – (Cambridge textbooks in linguistics) 1.

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Both linguists wish to produce accurate descriptions of the particular language studied. Again we assume that 45 The role of context in interpretation she would have young children, children who would normally be expected to be living with her.

It must discourse analysis gillian brown george yule further emphasised that, however objective the notion of ‘text’ may appear as we have defined it ‘the verbal record of a communicative act’the perception and interpretation of each text is essentially subjective. We have to have recourse to what Stenning calls ‘abnormal’ contexts, where the analyst reads the text discourse analysis gillian brown george yule then has to try to provide the characteristics of the context in which the text might have occurred.

Thus a woman on a bus describing the way a mutual friend has been behaving, getting out of bed too soon after an operation, concludes her turn in the conversation by saying: The distinction between treating discourse as ‘product’ or ‘process’ has already been made by Widdowson b: When the mangoes to a club, the hearer assumes that the ‘club’ is in the same town, that the man has not caught an aeroplane and flown to Las Vegas.

I suggest that voices should not be entirely dissociated from the social context in which they function and that therefore all texts in modern spoken languages should be regarded as having ‘the implication of utterance’, and be referred to typical participants in some generalised context of situation. When sentence 9 is followed later in the same text by sentence 11readers readily abandon their original inference and form another, for example that John is a schoolteacher.

The discourse analyst, like the experimental psychologist, is mainly interested in the level of frequency which reaches significance in perceptual terms.

We are going to provide analyssi with three written fragments, abstracted from the contexts in which they appeared. And forgetting, startled, she looked for the hovering colour and saw a rainbow forming itself. Notice that, in both these quotations, the indicated source of presuppositions is discourse analysis gillian brown george yule speaker.

It is the experience of similar events which enables him to judge what the purpose of an utterance might be. You have a comparatively mild climate here. It is possible for more than one social role to be relevant at one time.

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It is interesting to observe the behaviour of individuals when given a choice of conducting a piece of business in person or in analysjs. Later Hymes also distinguishes audience, since the presence of overhearers may contribute to the specification of the speech event. Each discourse analysis gillian brown george yule may play many other roles – parent, child, niece, brother, chess player, gardener, diarist, but these roles are not relevant in this context, so not mentioned on this occasion.

The upshot of it discourse analysis gillian brown george yule, that Rosanna Spearman had been a thief. Another group of subjects were asked the questions in 4. Ought we not rather to think in terms of partially intersecting views of context? The addressee is the hearer or reader who is the recipient of the utterance. Obviously, if Jane says I’m skipping and Mary says I’m skipping we observe that on one occasion it is Discuorse who announces that she is skipping and on another it is Mary.

What she appears georgr be asserting is that this person is coming home from Canada. Any analytic approach in linguistics which involves contextual considerations, necessarily belongs to that area of language study called pragmatics. Where the writer is deliberately exploiting the resources of the written medium, it seems reasonable to suggest that that manipula- tion constitutes part of the text. Levelt Limited preview – The task discourse analysis gillian brown george yule to determine what we can know about the meaning and context of an utterance given only the knowledge that the utterance has occurred The Times, 21 May e.

Speakers, or writers, do have the option of transferring the deictic centre to the hearer’s, or reader’s, spatio-temporal situation in which the text will be encountered.

In this chapter we shall discuss these and other aspects of contextual description which are required in the analysis of dis- course. It must be discourse analysis gillian brown george yule that, at this relatively early stage in the evolution of discourse analysis, vm Preface discourse analysis gillian brown george yule is often rather little in common between the various approaches except the discipline which they all, to varying degrees, call upon: This restricts the applicability of such rules since it renders them unavailable to any linguist interested in diachronic change or synchronic variation in a language.

It is the interpretation of the utterance in context which permits the hearer to draw such inferences see Chapter 7 for further discussion of inferences. Hymes intends that these contextual features should be regarded rather as general phonetic features are regarded. Stop Press, 27 February b. Speaking very broadly, such effort is simply the attempt to connect something that is given with something other than itself.


Like most formal linguists, Lewis assumes that the channel is speech, the code, English, the message-form conversation and the event one where one individual is informing another.

In each case the ‘text’ will be held to have been reproduced if the words, the punctuation and, where relevant, the lineation are reproduced accurately. Of much greater interest to the discourse analyst is the notion of conversational implicature which is derived from a general principle of conversation plus a number of maxims which speakers will normally obey.

Be brief avoid unnecessary prolixity. These are rare in spoken language. That use of the passive in written language which allows non-attribution of agency is typically absent from conversational speech.

This principle aalysis the hearer not to construct a context any larger than he needs to arrive at an interpretation.

Full text of “Discourse Analysis By Gillian Brown & George Yule”

He seemed to resent them on that occasion discourse analysis gillian brown george yule will not wear them today. Cambridge University Press Amazon. The more co-text there is, in general, the more secure the interpretation is. Such inferences appear to be of different kinds. Since the incident reported takes place in Portugal Lisbon and any subsequent prison sentence will be served in Portugal, it is relevant that the priest is not Portuguese a.

A text frequently has a much georeg variety of interpretations imposed upon it by analysts studying it at their leisure, than would ever have been possible for the participants in the communicative interaction which gives rise to the ‘text’.

Given this assertion, the idea that we should consider the denial of this 29 Discoure role of context in interpretation assertion in order to find out whether there is a presupposition in what the speaker has not asserted seems particularly counterintui- tive. That is to say, even if there were an agreed, standard system for tagging utterances with discourse analysis gillian brown george yule features, there is no guarantee that that tagging system provides the relevant informa- tion.

We are grateful for permission to reproduce and to quote the following materials: