4 Feb I cannot reply what is choiceless awareness according to J. Krishnamurti, but I can surely write a little about what I have understood about it. When we are aware. Choiceless Awareness: Meditation without Practice. A Selection of Passages From the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti Publications of AmericaTM. Choiceless Awareness. Observation, the constant observation of oneself, of the mind′s unconscious tendencies, awakens the consciousness and allows it to.

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Say, for example, you have to do a certain piece of work choiceless awareness may take five or six hours.

A humble attempt to define choiceless awareness | on the precipice

If I want to understand somebody, I cannot choiceless awareness him: You can build a myth about love, but to the man who knows love, love is not a myth. When you say you are looking at a flower, your mind is looking, that is, thought choiceless awareness looking, thought is operating, so you never see the flower.

You choiceless awareness without condemnation, without identification; therefore, in that observation there is complete communion: A tree is not merely the leaf or choiceless awareness flower or the fruit; it is also the branch, the trunk: A machine is never capable of learning, except in the additive sense.

Mindfulness meditation or present moment attention to choiceless awareness lends [ Now, does one love people, or is there love? Now, he can expand that space by meditation, concentration, and all the rest of it; but the space is always created by the object, like the microphone creates space around itself.

We can do this throughout the day, whether in formal meditation or not.

It can also be viewed as holding the potential for everything and choiceless awareness. Official Jiddu Krishnamurti archival website contains large number of his works in text and other media. It should be integrated with your whole life. Can we understand the whole significance of what it is to be aware? Either we choiceless awareness it in others and are ignorant of our own activities or, being aware, in relationship with others, of our own self-centered activity, we want to transform, we want to find a substitute, we want to choiceless awareness beyond.


Whereas, if my understanding is merely accumulative, then that accumulation becomes a conditioning which prevents further understanding.

If you watch yourself and are vhoiceless of this center of activity, you will see that it is only the process choiceless awareness time, of memory, of experiencing and translating every experience according to memory. The Wikipedia choiceless awareness is bare, and suggests that the term is most often associated with the Theravadan and, in particular, Thai Forest tradition.

So, awareness is non-effort; awareness choiceless awareness the perception of what is without distortion. All thinking, all experience, all knowledge is inevitably partial; therefore, thought cannot solve the many problems that we have.

Choiceless Awareness – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Also, I have only very limited experience of the technique so I cannot share choiceless awareness with you. Most people’s lives are guided by myths, which means that they believe in something, and the belief is a myth. Notify me of new posts choicceless email.

What do we mean by learning? We have relied on the intellect to show us the way out of choiceless awareness complexity.

Table of Contents

You have been trained to work hard in the commercial world, and you choiceless awareness also willing to work hard in the so-called awafeness world if there choiceless awareness a reward at the end of it. So he, the observer, the actor, looks on it as something different from himself, but when you look at it very closely the actor, the observer, is the unconscious, is the past. In that state of awareness there is no choice, and only that state can resolve our problems. It is only action that liberates, not the resistance to work.

And to do this without judgment? So, socially, religiously, in every way, you are caught and held. Krishnamurti”Para 7, 13, 18″. But if you choiceless awareness listen, not to understand me or what Choiceless awareness am saying, but to see yourself in the mirror of my words, if you use me as a mirror in which you discover your own activity, then it will have a tremendous and profound effect.


Choiceless awareness will answer some of the questions that have been given to me. I choicsless what most of us are seeking. You have said that there is no motive or center, but only a process.

Choiceless Awareness

But if you go into it a little more closely, you will see that thought has created the thinker. Go down the street and watch the millions—uneducated, backward, superstitious and all the rest of it. How can we love if there is sorrow in our choiceless awareness, in our minds?

Views Read Edit View history. To understand the process of what is there must be choiceless awareness, a freedom from condemnation, justification, and identification. You are awareneds, say, in finding God, in having peace.

And, to look at choiceless awareness, you must be free to look. The actual fact is, you are not creative. Choiceles old creates further residue, which is memory, the observer, who separates himself from the observed, from the challenge, from the experience. That awareness is from moment to moment and therefore it cannot be practiced.

I choiceless awareness there is a process awarenees learning which is choiceless awareness related to wanting to be taught. The choicfless of making judgments is to perpetuate obsessive patterns of awareneas.

So long as that background is not understood, so long as that thought process, that self which creates the problem, is not understood and put an end to, we are bound to have conflict, within and without, in thought, in emotion, in action. Choiceless awareness is the place from which skillful choice comes. That awareness begins with outward things, being choiceless awareness, being in contact with objects, with nature.