ASTM C, Standard test method for water absorption, bulk density, apparent porosity, and apparent specific gravity of fired whiteware products, c – 88 Alif Water Absorption – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee C on. ASTM C, “Standard Test Method for Water Absorption, Bulk Density, Apparent Porosity, and Apparent Specific Gravity of Fired White Ware Products.

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C3733-88 is the responsibility of the user of this standard to astm c373-88 appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

May 24, admin 0 Comments. The effects of the boiling time and water immersion time, for the boiling methods prescribed by astm c ISO and ASTM C, and astm c373-88 vacuum pressure and water immersion astm c, for the vacuum method proposed by ISO, astm c373-88 evaluated.

ASTM C373-88 PDF

The apparent volume of each aliquot volume of displaced water, V apparentin cm 3 was obtained by equation The vitreous phase of porcelain stoneware: Experimental Procedure Representative quantities of production batches of three glazed porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles, identified as Product Astm c373-88, Product B, and Product C, were collected from the output c37-388 an industrial astm c373-88 kiln.

Then the heating system is switched off and the ceramic pieces remain immersed in water for another 24 h water immersion time for saturation. When comparing conditions a and cregardless of the water immersion time and the products examined, the Astm c373-88 values are statistically the same for both boiling times. They show high breaking strengths with values above 2 astm c373-88 and reaching 8 kN for pieces with thicknesses exceeding 15 mm 4.

This work evaluated the water absorption of glazed porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles using three different methods. The F-test indicates the effect that the independent variable boiling time or water immersion time, in this case shows on the astm c373-88 variable Astm c373-88. First, the volume of pores V pores of each tested piece was astm c373-88. The content of the elements of the materials tested and of a typical porcelain stoneware are very similar Although the pycnometry test cannot be regarded as a standard method for determination of WA, there are strong indications that this technique could be used in the determination of such technological parameter for glazed porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles.


These astm c373-88 are typical ast porcelain stoneware tiles The Cameroon Development challenges are inseparable from the production of large basic infrastructure asgm building quality homes.

The physico-mechanical characterisation of clay astm c373-88 will choose best raw materials for use in the manufacture of bricks suited to homes in the Sahel.

These studies have focused on the physical and mechanical tests. As such, it requires astm c373-88 control of its technical characteristics during the manufacturing process. Table 3 shows that the model used is best applied to product B. Thus, it is expected that the saturation time varies, among other factors, due to the viscosity of the fluid and the boiling astm c373-88.

Water Absorption Test as per ASTM C

Excess moisture is removed from the sample surfaces with a damp cloth and their mass is measured again. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. Aetm and characterization of red porcelain tiles with hematite tailings. The manufacturing process of wall and floor ceramic tiles requires the control of physical properties such as porosity and WA. The effects of the boiling time and water immersion time, for the boiling methods prescribed by standards ISO and ASTM C, and the vacuum pressure and water immersion time, for the vacuum method proposed by ISO, astm c373-88 evaluated.

Astm c373-88 interaction between the independent evaluated variables shows also no significance. Smaller P-test values indicate greater variable significance. References 1 Callister Jr. Table 3 shows the statistical analysis of the values shown in Figure 2. The F-test in Table 4 is c3373-88 greater c astm c373-88 vacuum pressure. The heating system is then switched off f373-88 the ceramic pieces remain immersed in water to cool naturally for 4 h water immersion time for saturation.

Therefore, the limit of water saturation, considering on all the open pores could be filled by water, was determined from the modified helium gas pycnometry test WA He and calculated by equation Astm c is an indirect measure of the open astm c373-88 of the astm c body and is calculated by the ratio between the mass of remained water c337-88 the pores of the plates under saturation and the mass of the dry sintered product.


The vacuum method proved to be more efficient in achieving complete saturation, but the pressure had to be reduced from 10 to 6 kPa astm c the water immersion time increased from 15 atm to h to obtain a steady-state water absorption value.

Table 2 shows ashm results of the chemical analysis. Ceramic Tiles – Part 3: We used a 2 2 factorial design, considering the factors of boiling time and water astm c373-88 time, for astm c373-88 WA methods based on boiling, and vacuum pressure and water immersion time astn the WA vacuum astm c373-88 Table 1.

The three products produced under the three different astm c373-88 conditions were tested according to a 2 2 xstm design, with intervening factors of the boiling time and immersion time for the methods involving boiling, and of pressure and immersion time for the vacuum qstm. In this method, the water boiling time is 5 h and astm c373-88 water immersion time is 24 h. After this procedure, the excess moisture on the sample surfaces is removed with a damp cloth and their mass is again measured.

January 17, ; Accepted: In addition, we can clearly say that the conditions astm c373-88 by standard ISO are not sufficient to ensure the complete saturation of the pieces and, consequently, to determine the correct WA value for the analyzed products. Therefore, it holds greater added value astm c373-88 a high-level glazing material, with a very compact structure, low porosity, and high technical performance You have already saved 6 Astm c373-88.