Title: Damaged Author: AquariusLover Rating: R Pairing: Yunjae Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance, Drama Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. damaged: aquariuslover ♥ chaptered, r, friendship, romance, future au, angst On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. Damaged by aquariuslover. 16 likes. Book. Damaged by aquariuslover. Privacy · Terms. About. Damaged by aquariuslover. Book. 16 people like this topic.

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You can make all the mafia cracks you want, but that man is just as bad if not a hundred times worse. Do you have a problem with that? Yunho had many regrets and as he laid there in the freezing water while his damafed slipped away he mourned them all.

Let him hear this news surrounded by Yoochun and Junsu who would know not to leave him alone. The pain in his head was not helping the panic that was setting in. When would he ever stop hurting Jae? His mother had only found her strength to stand up to his father after his injury. How can you say that? Would Jae be waiting for him? I would much rather…. He has been sleeping since we got here and that was hours ago. This is why we were supposed to be here an hour ago!

At first he had not wanted to worry them he had been so afraid of being trapped in his body, but what about later? Do you remember that crazy Banjun Drama we did called Danger…. Heaven forbid we tell the truth. Yunho looked down at Jae and smiled. It will make me feel better.

Pdf repair tool for broken adobe acrobat documents. All the insanity that Jae had inflicted on both of them and everybody else had come from that one choice. His father would abandon him as aquzriuslover lost cause, his mother and sister would both move on with their lives, but Jae would cling to him till that last breath. Holy shit, it was. They had cast him aside and went on living their aquarriuslover and left him in the hands of the ex lover that they had deemed unworthy of him aquariuslovre he had been in the prime of his life.


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His frozen eyes would not allow any tears to escape but inside he did not cry for himself but he cried for all those who he had loved and failed. It is the one stop solution to resolve any kind of disaster affected pdf.

I just found out myself earlier this week. He closed his eyes and felt horribly remorseful as he realized what this would do to Jae. Why did you fall in love with me? Yunho closed his eyes and wished that he had just stayed and played cards.

They were fifteen minutes late for an interview with KBS and Yunho acted as if the interview had totally slipped his mind. His father had asked…demanded, threatened, and guilted him into giving up Jae.

You get all that business shit a million times better than I do. So you can repair the pdf using popplers commandline tools.

Aquariuslover damaged pdf repair

His eyes fluttered open and closed several times before he could make out his surroundings. This tool is simple to use and can repair one or multiple corrupt aquxriuslover files. Pride of course, selfishness in wanting to keep Jae close to him but what else? He opened the bathroom door to find the bathroom empty. The moon was shining brightly and reflecting off the snow it seemed almost like morning.

She cornered me in that waiting room…she knew the affect her looks were having on me. They had abandoned him had they not?


Damaged, Chapter Thirty Eight – aquariuslover

Try free pdf fixer tool which quickly repair damaged pdf files. Yunho cursed his luck aquariyslover course he would have his first seizure while he was out in the cold like an insane man hovering over a frozen body of water.

We will be forever warm, young, beautiful, beloved and perfect. He walked into the kitchen and found a very annoyed Jae aquariualover while he cooked. Maybe this is why I was born a man after all. After recovering, you can open, view, and aquariuslovee a newly saved, uncorrupted document.

If he had just chosen Jae everything would be different now. How he had missed dancing what had been dead inside of him was suddenly alive again. Specify a location to save the repaired pdf file on the following screen and click start to repair the damaged pdf camaged.

Yunho moved forward along with Changmin when the MC motioned for them. You have your whole life ahead of you too. Jae sat up and glared at Changmin. This is a work of fiction.

Damaged – aquariuslover

Changmin almost tore the door off the hinges as he flung it open expecting to find Yunho, but instead he stumbled into an empty room. So this solution is for the official pdf reader adobe reader. You know how Lee Soo Man is…you know he will never forgive you three for leaving.

Jae sat up suddenly giving Changmin a very disapproving look.

Yunho used the last of his strength to force his eyes open to stare into the crystal clear night.